Monday, May 23, 2016

Family is Number One

Well just like that our little newborn ain't so little anymore. Sure he's three months old, but he's tall and BIG. He's certainly not 7 1/2 pounds or 21 inches anymore. At his three month checkup, Gage measured in at 24 inches, weighing just two ounces shy of 15 pounds (although he hadn't eaten, so probably 15) and very top heavy. His head size is in the 90th percentile! He's in the 75th percentile for weight and 50th for height, what a chunk hopefully he keeps getting taller, for his sake. Many people have told us that he looks like he's six months or even a toddler. We are so blessed that Gage has had zero problems when it comes to eating. Other than being a messy eater with a bottle, he has nursed and bottle fed really well from the start. Fortunately he knows how good food is and isn't picky about how it comes, he just wants it ;) He doesn't exactly care for a bottle from mom, but he'll tolerate it for a few and protest until he gets the real thing to finish off his meal. He's a smart cookie though; every day around three o'clock he starts getting sick of the bottles, because he knows mom's coming home soon. He also gets frustrated if we try to feed him a bottle on the weekend. He'll take one, but he's not exactly fond of it.

Gage might be starting to teeth; he's drooling a lot and sucking on lots of things. He's gripping when he nurses sometimes too, which is tons of fun...not.  Chances are he's just developing glands, but I got him an amber necklace just in case. I'm not taking any chances ;)

Gage is growing so fast and doing so well. His manipulative skills are getting so good. He's intentionally grabbing his toys, holding books, and gripping our fingers. He's even trying to grab his toys with his feet! He is constantly trying to sit up, doing crunches all the time. I've made it a game when he grips my fingers. I'll help him sit up and you'll see it in his face. It's so cute and so funny. We play kicking games too. He and dad have been having so much fun at home, reading, talking, playing, and dancing. Yes John dances and sings for Gage and when he's in a good mood he'll get a HUGE smile and laugh. John and Robin had told me about his laugh, but I hadn't heard it before, until last Friday. John and I were dancing for Gage and I heard him laugh for the first time! It was the cutest and best thing I've ever heard. So cute and totally made my day!

I continue to do yoga regularly, almost daily, even for short periods of time just to stretch and relax. I'm doing regular yoga again. I'm noticing how weak my core has gotten and try to work on it a little each day. Sometimes Gage will lie on the floor with me and watch my fingers and toes. He has this thing about my hands and gets really excited when I wave them over his head. It will get him to stop fussing and brighten him up in seconds. It's pretty funny! I have managed to make it back to the pool a few times and even swim my mile, but then the weather got really nice so we've been spending more time outdoors. We did get to take Gage swimming for the first time and that was a lot of fun! He did so well; floating on his back, kicking on his belly, and even going completely under with mom and dad 4 times! We got some video (we still have to edit) of the whole thing. We're planning on going back this week and mom can't wait :)

We went on our first hike with Gage and our second the day after. We returned to Mount Roberts for the first time since Gage was born. Gage did so well and loved looking at all the big trees. The dogs hadn't been up there for months either so they were in heaven! The next day we took Gage and the dogs out to Herbert Glacier. Last time we were there was in August when I was 18 weeks pregnant. Gage loved looking at the trees again and watching his crazy dogs run and splash around. John and I have been to Herbert 3 times, all of which have been awesome trips, but this trip had by far the nicest weather. It was breaking highs that weekend and we were not the only people enjoying it. A lot of people were out biking, but we were one of only 3 groups that we saw walking. Herbert is about a 10 mile round trip that includes some of the most beautiful views plus some benches to rest at. We've never actually utilized them, but this time they were nice so that we could feed Gage. He did so great, even though he was busy the night before, and my Ergo baby carrier was amazing to have! I love being able to carry Gage while I walk or hike so I can keep him in close and he loves it so he can cuddle.

Yesterday we had our first BBQ as a family with friends and our first one in Juneau. I was a little worried when we got there because Gage had been having a fussy morning, unusual for him, and we were set to be there as long as he could last. He did amazing though! He was such a trooper and acted like he was at home. Sandy Beach practically is our second home; it's just down the street from our condo and we have taken the dogs there almost daily since we've lived here. Since Gage was born it has become a life savor for getting the pups out. Gage loved hanging out, playing with his toys, watching the dogs play, watching the fire, walking around with me, getting passed around a little, and even managed to take two good naps. We were really impressed with him and it gave us hope for future BBQ's. 

The work day is going good. I've gotten down a routine with nursing and pumping in the morning and pumping 2-3 times at work most days. John and Gage have continued to visit me a few days a week around lunch time, which has made the work week much better! They've even come to visit at our class BBQ and trip to the salmon hatchery, which was a lot of fun! This is the last week of school and my last week working for the Juneau School District.

We have had a lot of great family time. When I'm home, Gage and I spend most of our time together and John spends so much quality time with him when I'm at work. We have a great time as a family and I feel like I've mostly figured out the work/family balance. We want these positive times to continue and we also want Gage to know his extended family as well as we know ours. We have tried to justify Juneau, but feel as a family that it is not the best place for us right now. We love our home here, but Gage will only continue to grow, even though we are constantly telling him not to. For family and financial reasons, we have decided to move back to the Palouse area. We love Idaho and want to raise Gage there, close to family. Idaho has become our home for most of our adult life and we look forward to settling there and raising our family. We will miss Juneau, but family comes first. We will be renting out our condo and hope to return to Juneau every year to visit friends, fish, and show Gage where he was born. We leave Juneau in just over a week, which makes me sad, but I just have to keep reminding myself that it's not goodbye, it's see ya later.

The job search continues. John has had a few interviews and is waiting to hear from them. I have had a few interviews and three offers, one of which was in Juneau. We even reconsidered and thought about it, but it just doesn't make sense or is best for us right now. I was offered a job, but turned it down because it was about an hour commute and that was more time away from Gage that I didn't want so I took a leap of faith and prayed for a better offer. I've never been offered a teaching position and it's what I've wanted my whole life, so it was hard to turn them down. The whole time we lived in the Palouse area, there were hardly any special ed or PE jobs available, but this year I've applied for 2 PE jobs and 3 special education jobs. Fate maybe? Sure enough I was blessed with an offer as an intermediate special education teacher in Moscow, where we will most likely live. So no commute for me, which means more time with my son! The job is a good one too, with a supportive principal, so I'll be a happy working mom.

We have one week left in Juneau and we plan to take advantage of every minute of it. From one home to the next, we have many memories to bring with us and many more to create. Until Next Time,
Love the Klein's