Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Holy Smokes it's already November!

Geesh, I can't believe it's November 4th already. WOW time flies! Em was just saying to someone yesterday that she graduated from college last year, but it feels like it's been many years. Is that possible? How is it that we have lived in Pullman for 2 years now? Not only that, but we have married for NINE YEARS :O that is pretty crazy! So much has happened in 9 years and we have come so far in that time together. John and I picked a beautiful time of year to get married, but it wasn't actually the best time in regards to schedules. We often take a day to go somewhere outdoors and celebrate, but this year we have just been so insanely busy and the weather didn't really play out for us. Instead we grabbed a bite to eat where John got to enjoy a bib and a lot of sauce!

You could say that Em got a pretty amazing anniversary gift, but it wasn't really planned ;) Em enjoyed yet another amazing state conference in Boise at the beginning of the month. She got to see her friend Samo, who she hasn't seen since she moved from Pocatello and attend some great sessions. She even won a small gift for buying a ticket to help a group of students head to the national conference. She also gained a bigger distaste for big cities and the traffic that comes with them. Cities are nice to visit, but we would never want to live in one. I know Boise is a small town for most, but we like really really small towns :) However the day that she left Em's jeep decided to really break down. She had been having some minor problems before hand, but John had done some work on it and thought things were fixed, because they acted fixed for a bit. By the time Em got to work that day, her car was over heating and she had to park it for a while. It continue to over heat so she got to take John's baby on its first long trip and drove it to Boise. When Em got back, John and his friend Mike had done almost all the work they could on her jeep, but it was still struggling so she took it into a shop and they reported a hefty 3,000$ fix and a lady that had a lot of miles on her. So then came the decision...do we fix her or do we trade her in? After getting a second shop's opinion and talking with the Jeep dealership, we decided to get Em a newer car with better gas mileage and whole lot of other updates. The dealership gave us a great deal and Em is quite happy with her new rig which includes heated seats, auxiliary, traction control, and anti lock breaks! She's looking forward to getting bigger tires ;)  

John enjoyed his first conference, a Project Management one in Phoenix Arizona and returned on Halloween. He had an awesome experience and learned a lot. He also received a lot of confirmation on the direction he is going with his career. He got to fly over the Grand Canyon and Mt. Renier, which were both incredible. He looks forward to going to more conferences and traveling more. Oh and Em is pretty proud of herself for encouraging him to look into the idea ;)

On top of Em's conference and her broken down car, she had more news shared with her the day she left for the conference that contributed to the roller coaster ride. She received an email the morning of her trip that the article she wrote with her professor was accepted for publication in the biggest special education journal! She was and is so excited to have such a blessing in her life. Things are already moving along quickly and as soon as it's published she will be able to share it all with you. That is one step closer to a great career for Em and she's extremely grateful for her professor who supported her in the process, this wouldn't have been possible without her. 

Anyway, well welcome to November and the ever extremely ridiculous early time of Christmas. Can we please enjoy Thanksgiving and turkeys? Christmas is great, but the Turkey wants to keep its month and the Klein's would appreciate saving Christmas talk until after Thanksgiving day! The end of the year always brings busy times thanks to school and the holidays, but it'll be over before we know it so we better enjoy it!