Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dan Moller Trail

Last week Em and the pups decided to check out one of the local hikes, the closest being 5 minutes driving from home! The trail was very very icy because it had rained straight for over 24 hours and then it all froze so Em fell a few times, but it was beautiful nonetheless and no broken bones. She ran into a couple that was headed into the cabin on the trail that you can rent out and a lady that had just lost her dog, so she was happy to give the pups some love :/ Em and the pups went again yesterday, but this time it was covered in snow so it was a different kind of workout, but still beautiful! She still has to get John up there and to Sandy beach, but we have lots of time for that :)

 Sea shells in the mountains

 happy happy dogs

 Crazy dogs are amazing that they can run and chase without falling on the bridge!

Ice block sliding all the way home

Playing on ice like kids

Since today was such a beautiful day in Juneau, I thought I'd post our pictures and videos from this last weekend. On Sunday, the power went out on Douglas Island because of how windy it was. John and I decided it was the perfect time to go check out the glacier and walk around. By the way there is a large bridge connecting Douglas Island to Downtown Juneau and although we live on an island, it's a huge island and we're not secluded from the main area at all. We will actually be able to see cruise ships come in across the water in the summer! Anyway back to Sunday, we ended up having way more fun than we thought we could spending 3 hours playing on the ice and walking(more like sliding) over 4 miles! Time just flew by, it was like we were kids again. The glacier lake was completely frozen over making the glacier and glacier caves super accessible. By the time we left there were a lot of people out ice skating and we were ice block sliding, it's a new sport lol. The pups were cracking us up trying to keep their feet underneath them and get everywhere we were. They were pretty cute! The colors of blue and turquoise were amazing and the ice caves were incredible. We have to be super careful and aware of any falling ice, but we tended to follow the "experts" (i.e. local regulars) and see some incredible views. The ice caves beneath the glaciers and the view from above the glacier are stunning, it was like watching the movie "Frozen" in real life, but better. We are stoked to have this (and more) incredible sites so close to us and look forward to going back again and again! 
 What a good looking crew!

 Mili almost made it up this, but slinkied off haha

 Ice cave coolness (no pun intended)

 Dancing with the puppies in the ice princess's home

 You can't tell from the picture, but this thing is huge!

 The boys scouting. They look so official lol

Snowboarding, sliding, pushing and pulling on ice :) WAY too much fun!