Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Masters Complete!

Today I officially turned in my final two assignments of my masters program and in TEN days I will walk with my wonderful family and professors watching! I also had my final class as a TA tonight. It's hard to believe that only two years ago, I started this journey and had very little understanding about helping kids with disabilities. I've been very tired lately with everything settling down and my body has been quite achy due to my body adjusting to the lack of stress, funny how the body starts to hurt when it's getting better. No I have not been this way for two years, just more stressed than usual since starting a new job, student teaching and living in a new place. After class I was ready for a nap, but instead a friend invited me for a hike and anyone who knows me well knows that I will never turn one of those down. So my friend Jada and I started out on west glacier trail, which is the trail opposite of the visitors center at Mendenhall glacier. We were having too much fun and with such long days this time of year plus little to do for work, we decided to go for it and hike as far in as we could. Roughly six miles and three hours later we ended with some incredible pictures (that don't do the views justice), a spying session on mountain goats, and a great workout! As I drove home I thought to myself, what a better way to complete this step in my journey. I can't explain how amazing this journey has been or much I've blessed by it, but I can say that I will never regret my decision to do any of it or come to Alaska with my amazing family. Thanks Jada for getting me out on a beautiful day so that I could celebrate properly :) T minus 7 days before I see my friends and family!

Scouting like a good boy.

Mountain goats!
Happy kids and mama!
Above the glacier and ice fields!

And Done!