Saturday, February 13, 2016

First week with Baby Gage

I can't believe it's been a week already since little Gage Ross was born! He turned one week old Friday morning at 7:31 while we were all starting to stir in bed. This first week has been so incredible. We stare at Gage all day long admiring him and still in disbelief that he's here. We are amazed that such a beautiful miracle was blessed upon our family and that we have the privilege to be his parents. To think that just a week ago we were waiting to meet him and that nine months ago we hadn't even known that he would shock his parents and bless our family. That seems close, yet so far away.

When Gage was born we were able to have immediate skin to skin contact for about an hour. This was the best feeling to hold and bond with him without interruptions. We just got to be a family so in love. Once Gage was measured, weighed and assessed our midwife explained that he was in great health and received a perfect score just like his dad did when he was born. Once little man and I were assessed and cleared for health, the three of us and mom were able to rest and head to "bed". Since labor started just after midnight, we never got to that point :) I was amped up and high on life that, although exhausted, was not able to fall asleep right away. After a while though we were all asleep and our midwives headed out for a bit.

Within the first hour of Gage's life he started breastfeeding and has since done great. We have been really lucky to have no problems in that department. He has created his own schedule and feeds every 2-3 hours. Friday Gage had his 1 week checkup and he is already 7 pounds 10 ounces, 2 ounces more than he was at birth. He's gained 6 ounces in the last two days! The first 24 hours of Gage's life we were able to confirm that his digestive system was working and he has continued to demonstrate health in that department too. In fact Friday morning he relaxed so much during breastfeeding that he peed all over me for the first time. Fortunately I hadn't even changed from my pj's yet.

The first few days of Gage's life we took it very easy, resting and bonding as a family. John ran a few errands and brought me back a pair of earrings that are Gage's birth stone, amethyst. He was so sweet and practically put me in tears. John read a story to Gage each night before bed. Because he's often asleep after feeding and as we're going to bed I have been taking advantage of the time he's awake during the day and reading a story or two to him. I love this time as I can see that Gage looks at the books and listens to our voices. He's quite observant and a tune to what's going on around him. We've caught him watching the TV, looking at the pictures of books, staring at us, looking at his hands as well as other objects, and he makes lots of adorable sounds.

John had to work a little on the 2nd day, but was able to come home after a few hours and watch the boring super bowl and terrible half time show with us. He slept through part of it lol. He went back to work on Tuesday, but made sure to Facetime us and we sent pictures. It's been hard for him to go back to work, but we are so grateful that he is taking such good care of us, me especially while I continue to recover. Gage really loves his daddy and knows his face and voice. John has really taken to being daddy. He takes advantage of his time at home helping out with Gage any chance he gets and loves to talk to him. He's often heard saying "you're my whole world", "you are so cute", and "I just love you so much". He often includes me in those statements too ;) He has taken on sowing and already completed many projects including burp clothes and changing pads.
For the first few days of Gage's life he did not have an official name, he was simply Baby Klein. We had called him by this name during pregnancy and never felt rushed to decide on a name. Although we had talked about a few names, including Gage Ross, we wanted to make sure it felt right when we finally got to meet him. We also thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant and having him in our arms that we simply did not stress about a name. We just enjoyed having him and bonding those first few days, that a name seemed insignificant, although we know it was driving everyone else mad. The night before our 3 day check up with our midwife we talked about his name a little more and decided, officially at his appointment, that Gage Ross was the perfect name for our little man. Contrary to what some probably think, Gage was not named after a gun or car parts. Gage is my dad's middle name and Ross is John and his dad's middle name. A family name was important to us and we like that his name is strong and unique, just like him. I've never understood the apps and pins of "popular names" or "names popular with celebrities". Our son is OUR son, not a prodigy of popularity, so silly. During Gage's check up our midwife Debbie did his footprints on the first try and we received his birth certificate. He didn't mind getting inked, but was not amused about his feet getting pressed lol. Nonetheless everyone did great and we were presented with this sweet certificate for Gage Ross Klein. I love that it says "Born at home" and that mom is listed as a birth attendant!
On the 5th day after 3 positive check ups, mom and I decided to take Gage outside for the first time. We bundled him up in his camo gear, put him in my wrap and walked 3 or 4 laps of our parking lot with the dogs. He curled up to me and slept through the whole thing. The dogs really appreciated getting out though and the fresh air felt really good to mom and I, since we hadn't been outside since I went into labor. I was shooting for ten minutes and I think we did about 30 without even realizing it. The dogs have been doing pretty good adjusting. John's taken them to the beach twice and they are VERY interested in Gage. We are working on the balance of them licking and loving on him full throttle and giving all of us space. If it was up to them they would not leave his side. They've been given lots of chew bones this week to give them something to do and ensure them that they are still loved. TJ is coming around. He has been in bed twice with me, but gets down as soon as we start sturing. He has enjoyed cuddling with mom while she was here and is starting to investigate more and more.

Day 6 was mom's last full day with us so we wanted to make it special. It was John's "friday" so mom and I decided to take Gage on his first outing. We didn't even start to get ourselves ready till one or two because I went back to sleep after John left for work and took a nice nap. After a long shower and a few clothing malfunctions, mom and I were ready. It was around 3pm by the time we started getting ready to leave. After we got Gage fully dressed and while we were trying to get the car seat adjusted, I had to change his clothes because we had our first mess. After changing him, reading the manual, viewing videos, and searching for the proper adjustment piece we finally got Gage comfortably and safely in the car seat roughly 45 minutes later. We had made sure the seat was installed in John's car, but didn't think about the car seat itself. Mom and I were sweating and looking forward to fro yo. We got out to my car and the base that John had already installed in my jeep didn't appear right. I thought maybe he had forgotten that the chair had to be put in backwards, but he didn't mom and I just couldn't figure out how to get the seat to click. We uninstalled the base and attempted to loosen the straps to Turns out we were making it more difficult than it was. We had already become frustrated so I facetimed John to ask for help, because we were attempting to address the straps of the base. We were determined! John said that everything was the way it was supposed to be and quote "shit out of luck" because he really had to pull hard in order to get it tight enough. We had not come this far to give up so we switched the base around, tightened it with all our might to make sure it was safe, and got that seat to click. John even said "hey look it worked"! Mom and I looked at each other, let out a sigh and said "thank you and bye" to John before we headed out. We were both out of breath at this point and looking forward to being on the road. We drove the 8ish minutes to the fro yo place and enjoyed a little treat with Gage. During this time we just laughed about the afternoon and mom said "you have to write this stuff down". We can either stay frustrated or laugh it off, we chose to eat and laugh it off. After our time at the fro yo shop, we drove two minutes to the toy store down town, that we had gone to the week prior before Gage was born and mom got him a little caterpillar toy that she had wanted to go back for. Mom asked if they were still open and I was like "oh yeah they don't close till 5 or 6" "It's 5" she said. I couldn't believe it, but fortunately closing was at 6pm. The lady was so nice and excited to see that we had had our baby. We walked across the street to the maternity shop that we had attended the week prior as well and the lady was happy to hear and see that everything went well. Our last little stop was just a few steps to the book store where mom looked around and little Gage and I went up to their kid section and read two stories before it was time to go. We all got settled into the car much smoother than before and drove the 10 minutes home. Wo we were exhausted! When John got home from work we were still lying in the living room recovering. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love sushi and mom does too. I have been deprived of the greatness during pregnancy so as a last hoorah together, John and I went and got sushi and brought it home for all to enjoy. It was amazing :D We spent the rest of the evening watching shows and being lazy.

Now on day 7, Gage is already a week old and mom's time with us has already come to an end for now. We had a good morning visiting, followed by his 1 week check up with our midwife (which as stated above, went excellent), and took mom to the airport. We hugged goodbye and sent her back to Dad. She has been such a blessing to have around the last two weeks of pregnancy, while I tried to stay busy with all of our walks, swims, and adventures. She was so helpful and comforting during labor and birth, I couldn't have done that without her, John, and my midwife. The best part was that Gage got to meet and bond with his Grandma Janey for the first week of his life and I was able to rest and recover smoother than if she hadn't been here. Gage loves his grandma and I know he will be excited to see her in March.

So a week later John and I have come to fall in love all over again. Today is our first day as just us. We have learned that there is no such thing as running a quick errand any more, sleep is precious, one or two "big" tasks a day is an accomplishment, and we couldn't ask for anything else. We are loving being parents and feel SO blessed that everything has gone as smoothly as it has. I've read enough birth and postpartum stories and visited with enough friends to know how blessed we are! We are so grateful for all the prayers and positive thoughts from everyone! This week has been an amazing adventure and we look forward to many many more. Until next time

our first outing at Sandy Beach together.

Love the Klein's