Sunday, December 14, 2014

Good Weekend! Ready for the last week of school.

This weekend John and I went on a few adventures and got more settled in for the big move! Saturday I took a previous student of mine and the young man I teach swim lessons and his parents to the Palouse Falls national park. Mary had wanted to go after I showed her a picture of it. It was fun to take them out there and see them enjoy it so much. Mary had a great time taking some amazing pictures and Carter and his dad Kyle had fun exploring ways to get closer to the water. Afterwards I took them to the tastiest restaurant in Pullman and they were mean enough to take the bill from me that I already called and paid the whole bill, Even Carter was in on it and was hiding under his seat. I'm still mad at them! After dinner Carter gave me a beautiful Willow Tree that said "You'll always have my heart". They didn't know that I collected Willow Tree's so it was an amazing surprise for all of us. It was an awesome day! John also had a great time in Juneau. He spent the day hiking to two glaciers, one of which we haven't been to yet and required a 10 mile hike round trip! He loved it and says Alaska is awesome! He has his first "normal" week of work this week and is already impressing coworkers with his excel skills. I took another stab at the crock pot and my first approach at my favorite soup; it didn't work out because of the chicken broth I think, but I'm going to try a different recipe. Fortunately I didn't spend the whole day making it. After church Robin, Hal and I went over to the nativity showing in Moscow. It was really cool to see so many different nativities from around the world. I loved seeing and reading about all the different cultures and personal stories of the owners of each nativity set. I am very happy I got to see the sight before they took it down today. Now the new week starts and it'll be a busy one (I'm working 4 days in Troy this week instead of two), but it'll be fun and good to see everyone a bunch before I go. Troy gave me a great farewell lunch last Friday! I have one more assignment to work on this week and then it's Christmas and moving week. I get to see John next week :D Let the excitement begin!   
 The 5 mile hike into Herbert Glacier
Checking out Mendenhal falls again, man that guy is a cutie 
 Carter loved exploring Palouse Falls and the beautiful rocks around the river!
 The not so great broccoli cheese soup
 Unto us a child is born
 Loved this sign! #Sharethegift

 This one's from Quebec, Canada
 Loved this cool Silver Nativity!

 This one is my favorite, such a fun unique way to make a nativity :)
 These cool glass nativities were made in Poland, where my professor is from.
 This one was made out of leggos!
 These nativities are all from Mexico :D

 Oh Ammo thinking he owns the neighbors place.
I will cherish this forever, I can't wait to see it in my classroom! Thank you so much Carter, Mary, and Kyle!