Monday, January 19, 2015

Home is getting here!

Wahoo! Our stuff finally got to Juneau and the movers will be delivering everything tomorrow. They're even nice enough to make a second delivery to the storage unit. Our place is feeling more and more homey and by the end of this week it will be completely our home! Em is really excited to have all of her decorations and pictures up around the house, especially her willow trees and Americana items. We put in small coffee table over the weekend so we actually have a living room. We also got lucky enough to find an awesome little dyson hand vacuum at Costco. Between that and the rumba, we're able to keep up with all the hair from our fur babies. The puppies are enjoying the balcony now that we have a working fridge and don't need it to keep food cold. Em still heads towards the door to put food away, hopefully after this week she'll make it a habit to put it in the fridge lol. The balcony is great for the dogs to check out the neighborhood and snoop without getting soaked. We're on our 7th or 8th day of straight rain, so each time they go out they get a towel bath. Poor TJ wants out, but after seeing a bald eagle sore over our place the other day, our decision to keep him inside was confirmed. TJ's a tough cat and would put up a good fight, but we'd rather not take chances so he's been spoiled with catnip and toys to keep him busy. Ammo does a good job getting him to play too and TJ taunts him lol. 
 Ammo thought he should pose :)

John spent three days at the mine last week, so he was pretty tired but we spent the weekend inside getting things done for the house and hanging out our some friend's houses. Having the rain actually helped us both to rest a little. We made it to the gym Friday, but took some nice walks over the weekend with the pups and started to new books and rounds of candy crush lol. Em's first week of school went well, it was interesting and challenging, but Friday was productive and she feels like she and her supervising teacher are becoming more of a team. She really misses her coworkers and kiddos from Troy though. Her Alaska licence is coming along and she's looking forward to Wednesday, because she should be starting her first teaching job! She was offered a part time special education teacher for 3rd and 4th graders at the same school she student teaches at, which is very convenient! The principal and directors are super nice and very helpful. The PE teacher is fantastic and super nice as well. They all see potential for this job in the future. Both of us are thrilled for her and can't wait for her to start! This is what Em has been waiting for all her life! She can finally call herself a teacher!  

We're still in the process of finding new doctors, dentist, hair stylist etc. but we're getting there. We hope you are able to enjoy some free time today,if you are off and if you're not please don't forget to do so. We love you all and wish you a happy week!