Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Being pregnant and making time for other stuff...

For the past seven months since the moment I found out that I was pregnant, I have been completely wrapped around and engaged in pregnancy stuff. I made changes to my diet and lifestyle from the get go. I began looking at pinterest boards for recipe's, safe exercises, and pregnancy/birth pins. I downloaded pregnancy apps with trackers and started on a search for beneficial pregnancy books. I became obsessed with the little peanut growing in my belly and giving them the best chance I could. I've made exercise and nutrition a top priority, even more than it was before. Once I discovered the books that I wanted to read, I read (and still do read) them constantly. I've read many blogs, researched many birthing options and how to have a healthy pregnancy, taking weekly pictures, and read lots of stories to Baby Klein. We've adjusted home, the car, and my body for whatever Baby Klein needs. We've worked on adjusting the dogs to our new family member and look forward to them meeting. I talk about Baby Klein constantly, review research commonly, and get distracted easily. Basically I have become that pregnant mom who won't shut up about her future baby and obsessed with pregnancy, birth, and newborns, specifically mine.

Since August I have been taking two classes and should have spent more time on my courses. Anyone who knows me knows that I have always put 100% into my classes and made school a top priority behind family. This semester however I've really struggled to make it such. Being informed and learning about pregnancy and birth has often taken the time of school simply because I am more interested in it and have a hard time motivating myself to get school work done. Not to mention these two classes have A LOT of work to do for 100 level courses. I've even missed assignments *gasp* which kills me, but I just really struggled to get them done. I've never missed an assignment in college before and I haven't had anything below an A since my last two years of my undergrad. Well I can tell you, that's not going to happen this semester. I often feel amazed at God's timing because he knows I wouldn't have wanted to sacrifice time in my studies or with pregnancy info so he knew after I graduated was the best time for me, because I would have ran myself rampant refusing to give up any time for either, probably sacrificing sleep and getting sick often. The weird thing for me with these courses is that I don't even regret it, because it means that I was able to spend more time on pregnancy stuff including birthing classes, other mommy sessions, and researching plus I was able to stay active. With all of that I was still able to spend time with John and the pups, which would have had to have been sacrificed as well. Fortunately the classes are early childhood so a lot of the information from them and what I'm researching for baby overlap. I am SO grateful for my understanding and experience in researching quality info so I know what is rif raf and what is not. 

I was doing pretty good about keeping the house clean and cooking, but lately since I've been more tired, I haven't been as good. I know this will get even harder when Baby Klein is born and instead of being obsessed with pregnancy, I'll be obsessed with him. So I still have Christmas cards to make, my house to get more ready, my car to be spotless, one more assignment to finish and about a month and a half before I'm due before life gets really fun and crazy. I won't end up with A's, but I will pass and I have gotten good grades on everything I've turned in plus learned a great amount. I won't have a perfect house, but it will be clean and healthy enough for Baby Klein. I might have a perfect car for a little bit, but it won't last for long (I have dogs). I won't have homemade meals every time, but more than I could have and still healthy when they're not. Baby Klein and I HAVE had healthy check ups each and every time however and I feel confident in my body's ability to bring our son to us. That makes all of it worth it to me. I'm used to being a busy b and prefer it that way, but becoming pregnant brought me a whole new passion and desire to be informed and prepared. Being someone who didn't think they could have kids and had given up on the idea, gave me a deeper appreciation for pregnancy and more empathy for my friends struggling with similar situations. My heart goes out to them. I never would have seen myself in this position before May, but I can't imagine ever going back or changing things. Who knows maybe you'll even see a dissertation on healthy and pregnancy later lol ;)  Welcome to mommyhood!